Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Lady Ghost In My Bedroom

See I am not going to argue on this. The confirmed gender of ghosts is 'female'. 
Perhaps, that is why, ghosts have always fascinated me. 

Recently, I had an extra ordinary...ekdum dil ko dehla dene wala...encounter with a real ghost.

I have a strong faith that, a ghost is residing with me, in my room… bedroom actually. Inanimate things play ‘hide and seek’ most often. There’s always someone playing with the bathroom tap, kitchen utensils and million miscellaneous things inside the shaft. The lady upstairs produces strange moaning sounds at almost unthinkable hours of the day. I always make sure that, all the lights of my flat are switched off before I leave for office; only to find them switched on when I return home.

My roommate has thousands of possible justification for all these activities. This is the real problem with science and education. They sometimes make things unnecessarily complicated and boring. Why enter the vicious circle of reasons, logic and explanations, when you can simply choose to believe. ‘There’s a ghost in our room.’ Ignorance is such bliss and most often vastly interesting.

Only if, we had known, that, this scientific knowledge is not only complicated, but far more dangerous too. To cut the long story short, we decided to keep track of the ‘light’ thing.

Day 1: We both switched off all the light before going to office. Nothing happened that evening.

Day 2: No miracle happened.

Day 3: Same story repeated.

Now, this made him conclude, that, it was nothing but the usual ‘chemical locha’ in my head.

Today was the fourth day. My roommate was still in his office. I came home early, only to find all the light switched on this time. And not only that, this time, the fan was also running in full speed. The same fan which was not repaired throughout the entire summer.

I narrated the story to my roommate. He expressed his concern in perfectly religious terms, but I guess, he didn’t actually believe in the story. So, I decided to write a blog on the incident.

I clicked the above picture. Now, in order to give the readers, a real feel of the spookiness of the place, I opened the window and then clicked the image.
‘The image could not be found in the gallery.’
I checked all kinds of settings that my phone could afford to have. I checked memory status, battery status and everything. I took almost ten trials…no success. Somehow, I gathered courage, took my roommate’s phone and clicked. Still no image in the gallery could be found. Now, I was so afraid, that, I used the hand fan to shut the window and then I clicked using my phone. Crystal clear image in 3.2 mega pixel was the result.

After all these, I have two questions.

1.     Are you really able to read this blog?
2.     Are you able to see the above image?

Do tell me, whether I am actually writing a blog, or it’s just hallucination. Or at least pinch yourself once. If you think, that you are sitting in front of a real computer and reading a real blog, then maybe you should…think again.

PS: My Supernatural Girlfriendwas perhaps the sister ghost of this ghost.