Friday, March 11, 2011

My Supernatural Girlfriend

Supernatural things do exist in this planet. It’s just that a very few lucky people get a glimpse or sometimes a feel of some paranormal activities. But that does not give some of the cynics the liberty to declare that they don’t exist at all.

It was an usual office day with lots of facebooking and little work. Yes, they pay me for facebooking and I work there for free of cost. After almost ten minutes of paid torture in bus number 534, I got down in Jullena bus stop. TATA Magic service had not started yet. And the rickshaw pullers used to be like kings then. It was winter and it was already 8:30 p.m.

I was smoking, sitting in a rickshaw and was patiently waiting for a fellow passenger for Okhla head. And like every male I was hoping for a lady. A lady who would share the journey and lead me to my destination.

She was wearing spectacles having a vibrant red colored broad frame. And that was the best part about her face. And if I become little modest, she could be called ‘beautiful’; considering the facts that I have an engineering background (where most of the girls just fulfill the minimum eligibility criterion to be considered a girl) and I didn’t have a girlfriend.

Before she could look at anything else around her, she scanned the cigarette in my hand through her super powerful glasses. And she gave me a look, which commanded loudly, ‘I am the most beautiful girl in this universe. How dare you sit and smoke in front of me, that too at a juncture when I have no other means to go home, except to sit with you.’ Her look made me feel, as if I was the guy who abducts and rapes the hero’s sister in our bollywood movies. The rickshaw puller somehow convinced her, that she didn’t have a choice.

I was already in tremendous guilt. So I contracted myself at molecular level and vacated almost 70 percent of the seat and I tried to show her the utmost level of courtesy. And she behaved as if it was her birth right to be treated in such a manner. We started our journey. The dew had brought down the visibility to few meters. The rickshaw puller went slow.

I guess, potholes and speed-breakers on the roads have been vastly instrumental in bringing people closer. Her first verbal communication was completely unexpected.

‘Sorry…uff the potholes…please sit comfortably.’ She said as the rickshaw jerked a little.

She really didn’t need to say sorry. I quite enjoyed that jerk.

‘It’s okay madam. You don’t have to say sorry.’

‘And you don’t need to call me madam.’ She smiled and said. ‘Do I look like a madam to you?’

It was futile to explain to her the cultured ways of addressing woman irrespective of their age. So I just smiled back and said.

‘Sure. So, you work somewhere?’

‘Yeah…I have recently joined HDFC bank as a business development manager.’

‘Okay…that must be very difficult, considering that you are a girl…and beautiful too.’

I was little apprehensive about my last three words. But I guess, this tried and tested method works most of the times. She just smiled and answered.

‘Really?’ Then, on a serious note, she said. ’’s very difficult. I am looking for a job in the HR line. By the way…what do you do?’

‘Well, I am an engineer, working with Simplex Infrastructures Limited.’

‘Yaar…don’t they have any vacancy in the HR department there?’

It was amazing. I could not believe that she was the same girl who, a few minutes ago was staring at me like the snake of Mallika Sherawat’s movie. But I liked it when she called me ‘Yaar’.

‘I am not sure. I will have to ask people in the HR department.’

‘Can you please refer me there?’

I just smiled and said.

‘I have also joined the company recently.’

‘At least can you please inform me if there’s any vacancy?’

In fact I could not do that also, because I am honestly not aware when the HR department has any vacancy. But I said.

‘Yeah…sure. Can I have your contact number?’

‘Wait a minute.’ She giggled and said.’ Actually I don’ remember my own number.’

She took out her Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and sent her number as a ‘business card’. I thought if she really doesn’t remember her number or that she wants me to know that her phone supports ‘business cards’. I saved it on my phone. Thankfully my phone supported ‘business cards’. And with that I came to know about her name as well.

‘So, you are Kanan Gupta.’ Then after a pause I said. ‘This is Danish.’

By this time we reached Jamia University. I told her about my engineering from there. I also clicked a photo of her and applied it as the contact image to her number. Then I synced her contact details with my Windows Live, Gmail and Yahoo account. We talked about mobile phones, 3G services and Ovi store. And when she was leaving, she said.
‘It was nice talking to you. Do call me sometimes.’

I wished her good night and she got down at Okhla head. I was damn excited to share this incident with my roommate. I checked my phone almost hundred times for her contact number and her photo.

I reached my room, put my phone inside my pocket to knock at the door, entered the room and started explaining the incident. Then I took out my phone to show him the photo. And my senses failed me.

It was not there. No trace of that girl was there. The contact number, the ‘business card’ in my message inbox and the photo also was missing. I was going to lose my senses. I rushed to open my Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo ID’s for the synced number. It wasn’t there too.

My friend said, it was all because of too much work stress and a sort of ‘Chemical Locha’. May be he is right. (After all he is a doctor’s son.)

But I am unable to accept that it was a hallucination. Man…I have physically touched that lady…or perhaps…that Witch.