Friday, September 2, 2011

Pops I want to Marry

Dear Pops,

What is the upper age limit for marrying?

This is an inevitable question and you can’t procrastinate it anymore. And please don’t tell me, there isn’t any. Well the Indian constitution does define the lower limit of 18 for females and 21 for males, but I guess that needs an amendment. There must be an upper limit as well. Or else, we would continue to see those hateful 40 something beasts marrying the under 20 damsels.

I hope you do remember all those qualifications we were looking for, while we were finalizing the groom for my sister. We made sure; he was not very aged and balding. The girl that you will decide for me is also someone’s daughter.

I know, you still think that I am not mature enough and you will continue to think the same way all through your life. After all I am your son. And so does every Indian father for their sons. But trust me; our whole life is a journey of growing up. People get mature by experiencing things, not by just attaining age. Some desires also are inevitable and unfortunately they lead people towards profane behavior. I hope; you do understand what I mean.

Financial stability and social security are just a state of mind. Life will always seem to have urgent temporary issues to deal with, everyday. Life will never tell you that you are financially stable and socially secure enough to marry. So, please don’t tell me that, when marriage is destined (programmed) it will happen spontaneously. We are human beings, not programmed devices. We have to decide and actualize our destiny.

I know; sad memories of some marriages haunt you, which were performed at early age. But I have thousand examples of marriages, which were performed at later stage of life, and even they weren’t successful. Honestly age doesn’t determine the success of a marriage. What actually does is the conviction.

People should marry at an age, when they are still young at heart, mind, body and soul. And I am totally convinced that this is the perfect time for me.

So please, take your time (considering the urgency of my emotions) and decide what is suitable for me.

Also remember that the latest iPHONE is amazing and it would look great in your hands.


Your Son.