Saturday, May 28, 2011

Being 'Bad' is not 'Bad'

Love is an overrated emotion. It’s high time we start giving value to emotions like jealousy, greed, hatred, lust, anger and ego.

The Mahabharata says; jealousy is the purest form of emotion. Quite true I guess. I am not sure about my feelings for my girlfriend, but I definitely know that my feelings for that every single boy she talks to, is quite from the heart. Making others jealous is a cool thing and it certainly gives pleasure. The boy lying in the lap of a sexy lady at some deserted corner of India Gate seems so happy; because the lucky bastard is genuinely damn happy, as he is making lot others jealous. Forget a sexy lady man, even a cool gadget, smart phones; a cool t-shirt can be helpful in making people jealous. Jealousy is also a marketable emotion. Look at the brand advertisements, which have their punch lines like, ‘Make them Jealous.’ Jealousy is not a bad thing.

There is a very thin line between Greed and Ambition. If I had to define greed I would say, it is the ambition of all those successful people who make us feel jealous of their success. Whatever is ambition for my well wishers; is greed for my not so well wishers. By the way, I don’t understand why it is wrong to desire to acquire more?

Love and hatred are like sisters. And it’s really unjust to value one sister and curse the other. More often we find hatred in more things in our daily lives than we find love. Hatred is a more powerful and intense feeling. For example I hate people who honk unnecessarily while I am stuck in a traffic jam. Am I wrong in hating them?

Anger is very necessary, if you want your manhood to be intact. Anger brings courage in human beings. If you discourage anger, people start taking undue advantage of your non harming nature. If anger was a bad thing, how would you justify lord Shiva, the God entrusted with the act of destruction?

Lust is the climax of love. When our love for a person reaches its paramount, we develop lust for a person. Lust is also a very pure emotion. People can sometimes adulterate love, but they certainly can’t adulterate lust. During the Satyug, the Gods came up with such a brilliant idea of procreation by recreation. How can people say, it’s a sin?

It was ego which once saved Napoleon’s life. Napoleon was about to commit suicide. But then he thought, normal people take one glass of poison, and they die. But I am Napoleon, a great warrior. One glass of poison can’t kill me. So he took six glasses of poison. And then he vomited out the poison. See. Ego saved his life.

And likewise, many other emotions are given a stepmother treatment. Things like theft, molestation and extra marital affairs are not bad either, else how would you justify my favorite, lord Krishna? This disparity should stop.

Accept the bad, because bad is the latest cool thing.