Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Three Levels of Happiness

Level 1

Happy: You are ‘Single’. Though your Facebook relationship status keeps fluctuating from ‘It’s Complicated’ to ‘Separated’ to even ‘Committed’ sometimes, but at the base of it all, you are still ‘Single’. You are actually in love with the idea of falling in love. You show your highest degree of courtesy to anything that is remotely female. You share your rare incident of meeting a girl, with all your friends, along with the minutest possible detail. You happily play an escort to your best friend’s girlfriend. And you are the best friend of all those girls who already have a boyfriend. This part of life I call, ‘Being Happy.’

Level 2

Happier: You are ‘Committed’. There is nothing more musical and soothing than those four words – ‘I love you too’. People who are still in ‘Level 1’ can never imagine the beauty of this level of happiness. Lots of things, actually start becoming ‘Personal’ in your life. You despise your bachelor identity and lead a semi-married life. (Married life without the worry of buying diapers is amazing). You gradually reduce the radius of your huge friend circle and zoom in your focus to a single human being. You are prohibited to have any favorite actress or lady sportsperson. You address the feelings of people of ‘Level 1’ as infatuation, waste of resources and most of the times crap. You go to the movie theater just to watch movies like ‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’ & ‘Ghatothkach’ on any of your ‘Promised’ dates. A large part of your Facebooking hours is spent on checking the people in her friend list. Arguments become an integral part of your life. And you are the envy of all the people of ‘Level 1’. This part of the life I call, ‘Being Happier.’

Level 3

Happiest:  You are ‘Separated’. Breakups are in fashion. And the latest in-vogue thing is the ‘Mutual Breakup’. Gone are the days of classical ways of breakups, which were incomplete without the use of f-word and b-word. Even in those times the happiest part of a love affair was ‘breakup’. May be you never celebrated when you entered ‘Level 2’ from ‘Level 1’, but you’ll definitely party when you enter ‘Level 3’. You actually start realizing the value of freedom. You start reinventing your lost identity of bachelorhood. You relive all your fantasies, passions and dreams. You eat your favorite food in a restaurant. You watch the movies you like in a theater. You can openly like a beautiful girl, a lady sportsperson or an actress. You can spend money on your friends. (No big deal actually…! Just a coke and few cigarettes satisfy them.). You spend fruitful quality Facebooking hours. There develops a mutual sympathy between you and people of ‘Level 1’, while they genuinely consider you a ‘love-guru’. You look at people of ‘Level 2’, and simply smile at them; and now you become the envy of all those people. You are at peace, experienced and confident enough to choose the right partner for your next venture. This part of life, this short intermediate part I call, ‘Being Happiest’.