Sunday, March 28, 2010

“I flaunt my Failures.”

Well I know this seems lunatic and fanatic to say at first. But then this article is not for those who have always been successful in life. If there really are any, please don’t read further. You will find it a crap or for that matter boring.
Now for those who are of my types. I mean who have failed more in life than they have succeeded, I address this article. Many a times we simply maintain a born spectator kind of attitude in almost all kind of affairs. We fear to cross that glistening charm of the stage or the podium. We simply don’t participate in the game because we fear of losing it.
I dared to be different. I fought wars and I lost them. But after zillions of defeats I came out to be victorious. Success is just a point of view. If you don’t get what you had intended, you consider it as a failure. But most of the times you underestimate the most invaluable thing you get with your failure. And that is Experience. Thomas Alva Addison said after his 10000 failed attempts on making an electric lamp, “I have not failed, I have learned 10000 ways, how not to make the lamp.”
Believe me success sometimes may not give you that confidence what failure can instill in you. You may not be sure why you succeeded but you always know why you failed, and you can make sure you do not repeat those mistakes. This is the real beauty with failure. So never fear to participate. Always remember, “If you fight, you might loose; If you don’t fight, you have already lost.”
I hope I have made my point. I am not lunatic or fanatic. I have not been successful according to your definition of success. But I have tried. And I am proud of it. And I don’t mind to flaunt my failures.