Monday, March 1, 2010

Mobile Buildings

The literal meaning of mobile (movable) is generally not associated with buildings or civil engineering structures. One justifiably may wonder how buildings can be mobile. The answer to this conundrum is Nano-construction.
Well then again the riddle is open. Nano-technology and construction?

Yes, this can be possible now. Engineers from all over the world are trying to create nano-materials which would be million times lighter or thinner but thousand times stronger. Well the concept of nano-technology is definitely not the latest one. We already know many electronic materials (chips, transistors, capacitors) which are of the nano level in size but equally efficient if not more.

Now we can have walls, beams or columns made from specially designed nano-materials which would be very thin and light but assuredly very strong.
Imagine the walls of your room as thin as the pages of your book. Imagine the amount of space we would save for mankind. Imagine cars passing through practically invisible bridges. Imagine the advertisement hoardings stuck in the air via invisible poles. Just imagine the world around you!

Although this concept of nano-construction is still in the research and feasibility testing state, but those days are definitely not far away when nano-construction will be a reality. Though it seems highly impractical today, but you never know when technology takes a huge leap.

And that day it would really be possible to carry your home along with you, wherever you go. Just fold it and carry in your bag along with other belongings. If nothing else the column of permanent address from the admission forms would at least vanish. And we would add another column of MOBILE RESIDENCE.