Monday, August 20, 2012

Religion And The Great Indian Melodrama

Religion is the deadliest weapon ever discovered by mankind. Three things sell in the reel life: Shahrukh Khan, Sex and Comedy. But in the real world, there's only one thing that is guaranteed to sell: Religion. Everybody is selling their religion. They appear like telecom service providers to me. And every religion claims to be the only true religion. How funny is that?

And the funnier thing is, they have scientific justification for that too. How good these people are at manipulating things? They will strongly disagree with Darwin's theory of evolution, but will readily accept when some scientific logical explanation of a natural phenomenon is in agreement with their scriptures. They tell me that, cow's dung or urine can cure cancer, just because cow is the sacred animal. How about trying human urine? They are holier than cows. Or they tell me, that their way of slaughtering the cow is painless. How crass is that? Let me just cut your finger the painless way.

Majority of the people, who can read the original scriptures; don't understand it. And yet, they have a strong faith. And by any logical explanation, I don't understand why isn't it a hollow faith; believing in something, they don't know or understand. In the first place, there are more than a million Gods in India itself. How am I supposed to know, which one is the real one or at least the mightiest  one. Most part of the world just inherit their religion. What if Mother Teresa goes to heaven and they tell her.

"Sorry babe. You had the wrong religion. Can't help it. Rot in hell. We are sorry for you."

I have no doubt about the existence of God. But I doubt, he is exactly the way, these people tell me. Faith is good only if it encourages you to do good. What I experience is drastically different from what they preach. Nobody is religious behind closed doors. And nobody dare defy it in public. These people with dual standards are meek, coward and dumb. They tell me to do good, so that God forget their sins, if I turn good. They use the concept of karma so beautifully against me. If I fail at something, they would all blame my karma for it. And when I succeed, they would say that, it is because infidels would get luxuries in this world only. These weak souls try to find a way to justify their poor faith instead of finding and accepting the truth.

I fear death, and I believe, so does everybody else. But my fear is not up to that extent that I would accept each and every crap they preach me in the name of God. I have my share of doubts. And it is my birth right to have doubts. And these people can't deprive me of my doubts, until they have the right answers. Till then, let me have my doubts and let them sell their certainty.